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This week we were privileged to host Motorcycle News Senior Reporter Jordan Gibbons. Jordan had an extensive tour of the Rotron facilities before sitting down with Brian to discuss the future of Crighton Racing and what the next bike has in store for riders. The article will appear in next week's Motorcycle News, so why not grab a copy or visit


Over the last couple of weeks since our last announcement, development for the new bike has now begun in earnest. Our experienced CAD Design Engineers have already begun modelling the new water-cooled eccentric shaft for the next prototype Rotron rotary engine. The team have also been discussing and working on a revised rotor design.


Crighton Racing - The New Generation of Rotary Power

We are pleased to announce that Gilo Industries Group has received a substantial investment which has provided the necessary funding to launch the Crighton Racing Company. Brian Crighton will manage the company and be in charge of all development work. Brian has been working with Gilo Industries Group for 8 years and has been heavily involved in the development of their Rotron rotary engines. The aim of the company is to produce very high quality performance motorcycles which initially will be for the track day market.

Over the last few years Brian Crighton has produced a 700cc rotary bike, the current CR700P, which uses the Rotron gas-pressurised cooling system. Although the CR700P works well in testing, concerns over durability of the belt-driven turbo fan has lead to the team rethinking the bikes configuration. Brian is planning on integrating the latest Rotron Rotary Technology, which features a water-cooled eccentric shaft which solves issues of rotor bearings overheating at high power. The first task for the new company will be to test this technology in a race engine situation. If the technology proves successful, then the company will design and develop a completely new engine for the bike, including a custom gearbox and a switch to a gear drive system. The new engine will still rotate backwards, as present, due to the torque reaction helping to prevent the bike from wheeling. The general chassis and styling of the bike will remain close to the current CR700P, but as testing of the bike progresses and we push for fast lap times, there will no doubt be some chassis and geometry adjustments made. Once the team are completely happy with the reliability and performance of the bike, a limited quantity will be made available for customers to purchase.

This is an exciting project for the company and team involved, as our ultimate goal is to return to racing. We will be concentrating on road racing, such as the North West and the famous TT, due to the inherent homologation problems currently in circuit racing such as the Superbike Championship. The company will untake a vigorous testing programme with various riders to develop the bike to be competitive, before committing to any firm plans.